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March 08, 2013

Pro commented Kifus of games played by Sergej Korchitskij

Sergej Korchitskij, occupying second in the European Championship 2012 and being consecutive Belarussian champion, visited with Tokyo at the end of January. During his stay, he played two teaching games with professional players, such as 6-dan Seto Hiroharu and 6-dan Nishio Akira, in bishop handicap and won. Here are the Kifus he played with some annotation made by 7-dan Shoshi Kazuharu using Kifu Commentary Service brought by NEKOMADO . The first one was played at JSA-running Shinjuku Shogi Center and the second one is at Boardgame Cafe Jurin on January 28. You can find the comments on some moves replaying the games inserted below.



Sergej Korchitskij


6-dan Nishio(left) and Sergej Korchitskij