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December 20, 2004

To establish an institute to train Japanese Shogi trainers in Korea(Vol.27,2004.3.1)

In Korea, an institute to train Japanese Shogi trainers has been established. In January in Korea, the “Institute for Japanese Shogi Trainers”, which had been described as “Dreams and Projects”, was really established. The Institute plans to turn out Shogi teachers for elementary schools and kindergartens in Korea so the children can enjoy the game as extra curricula activities. It is reported that although the number of days is limited for this year, dozens of eager candidates have already gathered together. (Naohiro Sanada,Chairman,ISPS)

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November 16, 2004

Let us start the interchange between Japanese and Korean Changi(Vol.22,2002.12.21)

So far Korea is said to be a country near but distant. Even today this remains to be the same. For instance, among Japanese Shogi fans, very few people can play Changi (Korean Shogi). Probably, ordinary Japanese do not know that in Korea there is original Korean “Shogi”. On the other hand, in Korea, very few people know about Japanese Shogi, even though they may know something about Chinese Shogi and chess. (by Naohiro Sanada, chairman)

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