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December 20, 2004

To establish an institute to train Japanese Shogi trainers in Korea(Vol.27,2004.3.1)

In Korea, an institute to train Japanese Shogi trainers has been established. In January in Korea, the “Institute for Japanese Shogi Trainers”, which had been described as “Dreams and Projects”, was really established. The Institute plans to turn out Shogi teachers for elementary schools and kindergartens in Korea so the children can enjoy the game as extra curricula activities. It is reported that although the number of days is limited for this year, dozens of eager candidates have already gathered together. (Naohiro Sanada,Chairman,ISPS)

Responding to the move, ISPS has dispatched 2 members as lecturers to train “Japanese Shogi Leaders”. Mr. Tomohiko Ueda (Amateur 5-dan; Official Shogi Instructor of Japan Shogi Association; Professor Emeritus of Showa Women’s University) was in Korea from January 4 through 17, and Mr. Ryoji Kawakita was there from January 25 through February 11. To learn how things went in Korea, you are asked to read their reports on the previous pages.
Management and control of the Institute are to be taken care of by World Shogi Corporation (President, Mr. Park), who is also in charge of business operations of Janggi Association. Concerning funds needed for the dispatch of instructors from Japan, ISPS is in charge and is able to receive subsidies from the Japan Culture Center (Mr. Kubo, Chief in Korea).
It is reported that in Korea, if anyone commits too much to the Japanese culture, he or she may be persecuted. Such being the case, it is really remarkable that they dare receive instructions on Japanese Shogi in order to spread it to children. Concerning ISPS’s future role in this situation, we shall listen to the two lecturers’ opinion as well as opinions from the Korean side in order to decide what to do.
Concerning this matter, we are grateful to Japan Shogi Association for their attention from the start.
As the 2nd step, ISPS plans to invite Korean elementary school children, who have learned how to play Shogi, to Japan and to hold the “2nd Shogi and Janggi Interchange Festa between Japan and Korea” in late August of 2004. Since, at present, funding issues have not been fully solved, we plan to invite only 2 children (and an accompanying adult). Nevertheless, since we have only 2 participants from Korea, the occasion may not be qualified as a “Festa”. Thus with future fund-raising, we shall make the occasion a big one.
There is also a plan to invite public participation of Japanese elementary schools that would like to have association with Korean elementary school through Shogi. Please let us have your good ideas on the matter.


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