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November 19, 2004

Yokohama and Shanghai Shogi Exchange, a dream for the next year(Vol.25,2003.9.27)

The First Yokohama and Shanghai Shogi Exchange was held in February 2003 by inviting a number of children in Yokohama including 8 representatives of elementary schools and junior high schools of Shanghai. In addition to the formal Shogi matches, a Shogi match for pleasure was held between Japanese and Chinese children. (by Naohiro Sanada, chairman)

Each child moves a piece at a time, and then another child moves it or another piece thus continuing the match. It was really a lovely event contributing heavily for goodwill between Yokohama and Shanghai. After this event, Keio Futsu-bu Junior High School in Yokohama and Kansen Junior High School in Shangai are reported to have established sister school relationship through Shogi. Thus a continued relationship is expected between the two schools through computer Shogi matches.
To further expand such a move, it is decided that in 2004, Japanese elementary and junior high school children will visit Shanghai to hold the 2nd Yokohama and Shanghai Goodwill Shogi Matches, the details of which are given below:
1. Date: March 26 (Sunday), 2004
(Preliminary matches are to be held in August 21, 2003 at Keikyu Shogi Festa)
2. Place: Shanghai, China
3. Participants: at both Yokohama and Shanghai, preliminaries are to be held. In the case of Japan, qualified children are those who have won 2 matches at Keikyu Shogi Festa and wish to visit Shanghai for the Shogi Matches.
4. How to play at the Goodwill Shogi Matches: by tournament
5. Cost to be borne by Japan: Prizes to be prepared by Japanese side. Travel expenses to be borne by Japanese participants
Cost to be borne by China: Diplomas of merit, operation cost (cost of the event site, lunch expenses), expense for interpreters
6. Sponsored by ISPS and Shanghai Shogi School
7. Co-sponsors: The Japanese Embassy; the City of Yokohama; Japan Shogi Association
The City of Shanghai; Shanghai Go Association
8. Assented by K.K. Kurazo
9. Subsidized by (to be determined) * ISPS plans to prepare a “Goodwill Shogi Matches to Shanghai” tour of 4 days and 3 nights including the Festa.


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