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November 16, 2004

Let us start the interchange between Japanese and Korean Changi(Vol.22,2002.12.21)

So far Korea is said to be a country near but distant. Even today this remains to be the same. For instance, among Japanese Shogi fans, very few people can play Changi (Korean Shogi). Probably, ordinary Japanese do not know that in Korea there is original Korean “Shogi”. On the other hand, in Korea, very few people know about Japanese Shogi, even though they may know something about Chinese Shogi and chess. (by Naohiro Sanada, chairman)

Through joint hosting of the World Cup in soccer this year, the distance between Japan and Korea is clearly shortened. If different countries are to become intimate, it would be effective if people of those countries play sports or games and sing together.
For this reason, ISPS plans that the year 2003 should be the year to start a project of interchange of “Shogi” and “Changi”.
Among the member of ISPS, there is Mr. Jung-Bin Song. He has been the Tokyo representative of the Korean Changgi Association for quite some time, trying to popularize “Korean Shogi” or “Changgi” in Japan. When Mr. Song and I met at a New Year Party, we came to agree that this year (2002) is for the World Cup in soccer between the two countries, but for the next year let us make a project to join Japan and Korea by means of Shogi.
Through the introduction of Mr. Song, in September I lunched with Mr. Chang-Shik Yu 9 dan, former Secretary General of the Korean Changgi Association. On that occasion, I told him about ISPS and its dreams and projects. Likewise in October, I met with Mr. Jin-Hoon Baek, Chief Correspondent of the Chosen Nippo (the largest news paper publishing company in Korea) and told him our dreams.
In order to make a dream realized into a plan, we have to decide the details. It has been decided that some time in May of next year, one or two Directors or members of ISPS will visit Korea to conclude a fundamental agreement before starting a concrete plan. Then in November, we plan to execute the “Goodwill Tour of Shogi and Changi Matches between Japan and Korea”.
Such being the case, if any ISPS members would like to visit our neighboring country utilizing this opportunity, please raise your hand to join the tour. By “Kakehashi” No. 23 or 24, we may be able to give you a more detailed account of the project.


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