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November 18, 2004

A Report on Goodwill Shogi Matches between Yokohama and Shanghai and Subsequent Dreams

My dream to invite children who are strong in Shogi from Shanghai to Yokohama, a friendship town, was realized on February 1 of this year by opening successful goodwill Shogi matches in a comfortable lounge of the Yokohama International Exchange Association. (By Naohiro Sanada, Chairman)

From Shanghai, 4 elementary school children and 4 middle school pupils participated in the matches as representatives while as many as 7 substitutes and 9 teachers joined them and visited Japan. On the day of the matches, in addition to major matches, open matches between China substitutes and Japanese children and pupils who came to visit on the day were held. Furthermore, tutoring matches with participants and Japanese Shogi professionals, Harada 9 dan, Aono 9 dan, Saita (ladies) 4 dan and Takahashi (ladies) 2 dan and other Shogi games were held in very comfortable and amicable circumstances.
I am very grateful to Mr. Xu JIan Dong of Shanghai, Mr. Tsunoda, Chairman of Kanagawa Federation of Nihon Shogi Association and many other Japanese and Chinese who helped us to materialize the goodwill Shogi matches. In addition, from Beijing, led by Mr. Liu JIn Lan, Assistant Chief of the Education Board of Subun Ku, 28 observers visited to watch the matches.
Concerning this kind of exchange of Shogi matches between Yokohama and Shanghai, my dream is to keep continuing on with the goodwill matches making the present event act as the first step forwards. Presently no definite plan has been decided, but some board members are of the opinion that next year Japanese children should go to visit Shanghai for matches. In addition, it is said that a Shanghai junior high school is eager to exchange Shogi matches with a Japanese counterpart. In this connection, I feel it would be nice to have internet Shogi matches between such schools.
Another possibility is that if any children who played Shogi in this event wish to exchange letters, it would be a good idea for ISPS or Shanghai Shogi School to translate letters between Japanese and Chinese children. I am looking forward to hearing from you any suggestions to make the present event even more fruitful.


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