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November 2004

November 30, 2004

Report on Shogi and Janggi Interchange Festa between Japan and Korea (Vol.26,2003.12.20)

We have carried out the interchange festa between Japan and Korea on which an announcement was made in “Kakehashi No. 24”. The detail is given below: (Naohiro Sanada, Chairman)

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November 19, 2004

Yokohama and Shanghai Shogi Exchange, a dream for the next year(Vol.25,2003.9.27)

The First Yokohama and Shanghai Shogi Exchange was held in February 2003 by inviting a number of children in Yokohama including 8 representatives of elementary schools and junior high schools of Shanghai. In addition to the formal Shogi matches, a Shogi match for pleasure was held between Japanese and Chinese children. (by Naohiro Sanada, chairman)

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November 18, 2004

A Report on Goodwill Shogi Matches between Yokohama and Shanghai and Subsequent Dreams

My dream to invite children who are strong in Shogi from Shanghai to Yokohama, a friendship town, was realized on February 1 of this year by opening successful goodwill Shogi matches in a comfortable lounge of the Yokohama International Exchange Association. (By Naohiro Sanada, Chairman)

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November 16, 2004

Let us start the interchange between Japanese and Korean Changi(Vol.22,2002.12.21)

So far Korea is said to be a country near but distant. Even today this remains to be the same. For instance, among Japanese Shogi fans, very few people can play Changi (Korean Shogi). Probably, ordinary Japanese do not know that in Korea there is original Korean “Shogi”. On the other hand, in Korea, very few people know about Japanese Shogi, even though they may know something about Chinese Shogi and chess. (by Naohiro Sanada, chairman)

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