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September 14, 2004

Twisting rook, Other static rook - Index by Opening Strategy for Professional games with comments

This entry is an index of twisting rook and other static rook for Reijer Grimbergen's "Professional games with comments". This index will help you find those games easily when you visit his excellent site. ISPS is gradually making the index by Opening Strategy for the professional games with comments so that shogi self-learners can easily reach the games with their favourite opening strategies.

* Twisting rook
* Other static rook

* Twisting rook
20th Ryu-O Match 2007:Game 3: Sato-Watanabe 0-1(November 13-142007)
45th Oza,Game 2: Shima-Habu 0-1
45th Oza,Game 3: Habu-Shima 1-0
68th Kisei,Game 2: Yashiki-Miura 0-1

* Other static rook
added 53rd Oza, Game 1: Sato-Habu Sennichite (Sep. 1, 2005) to Other Static rook
46th Oi, Game 5: Sato-Habu 1-0(Sep. 5-6, 2005) to Other Static rook
76th Kisei,Game 3: Habu-Sato 0-1(Jul. 5, 2005)
30th Kio,Game 2: Habu-Tanigawa 1-0(February 19, 2005)
44th Oi,Game 3: Habu-Tanigawa 0-1
44th Oi,Game 5: Habu-Tanigawa 0-1
73rd Kisei,Game 1: Goda-Sato 1-0
73rd Kisei,Game 3: Goda-Sato 0-1


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