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September 04, 2004

Goodwill Shogi Matches between School Children of Tokyo and Beijing(Vol 17. 2001.9.30

A Dream to hold the 2nd Matches in Beijing

In July 31, our plan to periodically hold Shogi matches between school children of Tokyo and Beijing materialized as planned. It is indeed a pleasure that we are able to report it to you in this current issue. (By Naohiro Sanada, chaiman)

Even though we are not a large organization, a considerable number of individuals and corporations have assisted us. We are pleased to enumerate that 7 organizations have supported us including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), the Japan Shogi Association, etc. Individuals who have supported us as mini-sponsors numbered as many as 30 persons.
There are a number of points that must be improved. We are thankful for those who have supported us in these 1st goodwill matches.
As I stated in “Dreams and Projects” of the Kakehashi vol. 15, school children goodwill Shogi matches should not be held once only or sporadically. They should be continued over a long period and systematically. So now, I am thinking how to organize the 2nd matches, the title of which should be “the 2nd Beijing and Tokyo School Children Goodwill Shoji Matches”.
Thus no matter how rich or poor ISPS may be, I am now dreaming that the 2nd matches should be realized. An implementation plan is yet to be drawn, however, I must once again ask the understanding and support of a number of persons and organizations for its realization. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
According to my understanding, there are easy to follow conditions in comparison with the 1st matches. In the first place, the next year falls on the 30th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. Because of this, I am informed that in China, not only the Children Palace in Beijing, but also the China Go Association, the City of Beijing, etc. are eager to hold children’s goodwill Shogi matches. At the same time, the International Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK International) has made a proposal to us that since they would like to incorporate children’s goodwill Shogi matches of the two countries into a special program for this anniversary, they would like to co-produce the children’s Shogi matches.
If a program is to be produced jointly with Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), the plan can be doubled or even tripled. If this occurs, not only mini-sponsors but also big sponsors could be found. If the budget grows because of big sponsors, we may be able to invite children from Beijing.
The motto of ISPS is “bigger a dream while steadier for its realization”. Thus now before the start of planning for the 2nd trial, we are spreading our dream.


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