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September 06, 2004

A dream to send Shogi trainer overseas and an effort for its realization(Vol.19 2002.3.1)

In my column, “ISPS – Dreams and Projects” of No. 16 of the Kakahashi, I wrote about a dream of sending a Shogi trainer abroad. I think that this year should be the year for its realization. (by Naohiro Sanada, Chairman)

Right now an application is being made to the Yokohama International Interchange Association a subsidy for the “Yokohama and Shanghai Shogi Interchange Project”, while to The Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation , we are going to ask a subsidy to send a Shogi trainer to Sweden. The purpose for asking subsidies is to cover at least half of the cost by them.
In both cases, we are advocating that the projects are not sporadic ones, but a long-term international exchange of goodwill through Shogi. We expect that those who examine our applications will be able to understand our eagerness.
The results shall be informed in the next number.

 The state of preparation of the 2nd Goodwill Children Shogi Matches between Tokyo and Beijing

As announced by the Kakehashi, vol. 18, the preliminary matches of Tokyo are scheduled to be held on June 2 at an establishment of NEC through their courtesy.
The tour to watch the goodwill children Shogi matches in Beijing have only 25 seats available for members of ISPS. It doesn’t matter if you visit Beijing for the first time or many times as long as you wish to see the children goodwill Shogi matches. Since the number is limited, you are invited to reserve your seats as soon as possible.


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