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September 05, 2004

2nd Goodwill Shogi Matches between Elementary School Children of Tokyo and Beijing(Vol 18. 2001.12.20)

A Project to materialize a “Dream

When we held the First Goodwill Shogi Matches in July, no definite plans for the 2nd Matches were arranged. My idea at that time was that if the 1st Matches were held successfully, the next one in the following year would somehow come to be realized. Hence, I paid full attention to holding the 1st one and tried to hold it by all means. Happily, the 1st Matches turned out to be a big success. (by Naohiro Sanada, chairman)

Taking into account last year’s experience, 6 months of preparation time for the matches was found to be too short, we have organized a fundamental plan in consultation with the Chinese counterpart.

Plan for 2nd Goodwill Shoji Matches between Elementary School Children
From Tokyo and Beijing
(1) Date: One of the last 10 days of July 2002 (preferably 24 or 25 of July)
(2) Place: The Children’s Palace, Beijing, China
(3) Participants: From Tokyo: 8 children shall be selected out of preliminary matches
to be held in June 23, 2002
From Beijing: 8 children shall be selected out of preliminary matches to be held in Beijing
(4) Competition: Method Tournaments
(5) Promoters: ISPS
Beijing Children’s Palace
(6) Sponsors: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japan Shogi Association,
Go and Shogi Channel, the City of Beijing, China Go Association
(7) Co-Sponsor: Mikura KK

Note: Simultaneously, “Backing-up Tour for Tokyo-Beijing Elementary School Children Shogi Matches” (scheduled from July 23 through 27) shall be held. Participants are 8 players, a Shogi Judge, a professional Shogi player, an ISPS director, a few substitutes and ordinary tour participants including participants and substitutes parents in total: about 55 members

Presently there are a number of undecided items. However, an outline is as mentioned above. The members of ISPS are welcome to join the tour partly to visit Beijing and partly to support the children. Also those who would like to make a financial contribution to support the Matches are also welcome. Right now we are accepting donations.


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